Marine Outfittings

Smit Towing Bracket-OCIMF

Smit brackets is the fitting for securing the end link of a chafing chain, consisting of two parallel vertical plates mounted on a base with a sliding bolt passing through them.

Our smit brackets are manufactured according to Oil Companies International Marine Forum (OCIMF) guidelines and are LRSABS and  BV Certified.

We provide smit brackets for a range of marine applications, including single point mooring (SPM) and emergency towing applications, and to suit most sized anchors and chains. Standard smit bracket capacities are 102 and 204 tonnes, but 250 and 800 tonnes are available upon request. The smit brackets are welded to the deck and are rated to withstand the breaking load of the marine chain used.

Smit bracket handing configurations to be stated when ordered. Underdeck stiffening to be in accordance with the appropriate classification society requirements and approved by the classification society surveyor.

Smit Towing Bracket-OCIMF