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Rollers Fairlead JISF2026

The JIS F2026 roller fairlead is manufactured strictly according to the Japanese Standard JIS F 2026-1980. It is also known as universal fairlead with horizontal rollers and vertical rollers. It is made of stainless steel. Its surface is polished and galvanized which has high corrosion-resistance. It is usually located on the deck end or in the bulwark. It can perfectly guide the direction of ropes and protect them. There are three types for the fairleads: Type A (4 rollers), Type BR (5 rollers) and Type BL (5 rollers and symmetrical to BR type). Qingdao Lige Machinery can supply the JIS F 2026 fairlead according to customer's requirements with the certificate of CCS, ABS, BV, LR, NK, etc.

Features of JIS F2026 Roller Fairlead:
- Welded structure, sturdy and durable.
- Smooth primer surface to protect mooring ropes and steel wire ropes.
- Seawater-resistant bronze sliding bearings, grease lubrication.
- The surface is coated with zinc-rich primer and anti-rust paint, which has high anti-corrosion performance.
- Quality in accordance with international standards, long service life.
Applications of JIS F2026 Roller Fairlead:
- It is widely used in different ships, such as container ships, oil tankers, bulk carriers, tugboats, dry cargo ships, etc.
- Change the direction of the cables used to guide the ropes will not cause malfunctions during the mooring of ships.

Parameters of JIS F2026 Roller Fairlead:

Product Code Nominal size  (mm)Dimensions (mm)Opening Size (mm)Wire Rope Dia.(mm)SWL  (TON)4Rollers Weight (kg)5Rollers Weight (kg)