OCIMF Chafe Chain 76mm Type A/B

Chafe chain is a chain at the end of a towing line or Single Point Mooring hawser, normally guided through a chock at the edge of the tanker deck. Chafe Chain is usually for mooring/emergency towing system.

Qingdao Lige Machinery can supply a full range of OCIMF compliant chafe chains, as well as customer bespoke assemblies configured to individual operator specifications.

• Chafe chain A & B in accordance with latest OCIMF 2018 Guidelines, 1st edition

• Chafe chain A & B in accordance with OCIMF 2007 Guidelines, 4th edition

• Chafe chain A, B & C in accordance with OCIMF 1993 Guidelines, 3rd edition

• Kenter shacklesJoining shacklesDelta platesPear link ShacklePanama ChockSmit Bracket, etc.

Typical Chain A / B configuration per OCIMF 2018. Chain is manufactured, tested and inspected in accordance with IACS W22.


Nominal Diameter: 76 mm

Grade: U3, R3, R4

Execution: bituminous paint

Total length: about 9-10 meters

Composition:  End link + Enlarged link + 23/24 Common Links + Oblong Plate +Joining(Pick-up) Shackle

Proof load: 3010 Kn

Breaking load: 4300 Kn

SWL (according to IMO): 2150 Kn