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Double Bollard NS2584/Marine Mooring Bollard 

The double bitt bollard is made according to the standard of NS2584. The material of the mooring bollard is steel tubes or steel plates. The surface of the mooring bollards should be polished and painted according to Norsk Standard Requirements. It can be fitted with a warping roller if required and also can be deck or quayside mounted. It is suitable for wire or rope with breaking load when cross belayed on the bollard, widely used for small boats. 

There are also stopper plugs on both tubes and both sides of the base to make the mooring lines stop from any side. Qingdao Lige Machinery is a professional supplier of high-quality NS2584 double bitt mooring bollard with the best price and service.

Features Of NS2584 Double Bitt Bollard 

● Larger top cap diameter to prevent dock lines from coming loose. 
● Rounded edges.
● Half link fastening device.
Technical Parameters Of NS2584 Double Bitt Bollard 
Material: weldable steel plates or steel tubes
SWL for one-rope use: 45kN to 815kN