Ship Equipment

Roller Fairlead DIN81907

DIN81907 Warping Roller with Stand was designed as per the standard of DIN81907.

Qingdao Lige Machinery can supply two types of fairleads specified in the DIN 81907 standard.

Type A is a cylindrical base and Type B is a conical base It cast from the finest quality steel for added durability, equipped with a weld down base or socket/pedestal with optional heights and delivered with Bronze-Steel bearings or other bearings upon request. Rollers on a socket can equipped with a keeper that prevents the mooring line from dropping when tension on the line slackens.
Product Detail
Model Type: DIN81907 Pedestal Fairlead
Material: Cast Iron/ Cast Steel
Roller No.: Single Roller
Standard: DIN 81907-1997
Certificate: CCS, ABS, BV, LR, NK, RINA