Marine Outfittings

Roller Fairlead ISO13776

The pedestal Roller fairlead is manufactured in accordance with the ISO 13776 standard. 

The actual SWL of the fairlead on board shall be determined by considering the under deck reinforcement and shall not be over the SWL indicated in this International Standard. 

Depending on the rollers on the top, the roller fairleads shall be classified as two types including the cylindrical pedestal and conical pedestal. 

Besides those, other options such as square or customized pedestals according to the requirement of clients are available from Qingdao Lige Machinery, superior quality and the best prices promised.

● Flexible bearing or axle;
● Smooth surface coated externally with an anti-corrosion protective finish;
● Anti-seawater material;
● Customized weldable Pedesta

Roller Fairlead ISO13776