Ship Equipment

The Emergency Towing Systems “ETS” is designed so that a tug can easily pick up the towing line from a stricken ship if its main engine fails or some other emergency situation should occur. 

It is a high quality and compact design, with ease of installation for both new builds and existing vessels, are all important factors in ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

The design is in accordance with IMO resolution A535(13) and MSC35(63), May 1994, adapted into SOLAS.

The ETS equipment list includes a Smit Bracket, Panama Chock, Chafe Chain (chain length as requested),Fairlead , Towing Shackle and Towing Pennant. 

For more heavy duty applications Qingdao Lige Machinery also supply a kit with a Chain Cable Stopper.

Standard Features:

· Panama Chock can be deck or bulwark mounted

· Fairlead Roller includes conical base

· Towing Pennant with closed speltered sockets

· Chain Cable Stopper can be supplied with plinth (optional)

· Length of Chafe Chain as per customer request

Emergency Towing System  (ETS) Arrangement