Rigging & Lashing

Crosby Shackle G210

The straight legs of screw pin G210 chain shackles makes them the best choice for applications involving two-directional pulls. 

Multiple load direction pulls can stress the sides and increase the risk of failure. In these instances, a bow or anchor shackle is the best type of shackle.
Forged- quenched and tempered- with alloy pins. 

A red pin makes for easy identification and is the mark of Crosby® hardware quality. 

It lets the user connect and disconnect quickly, so it's great for temporary or attachments that change often.

Qingdao Lige Machinery Co., Ltd supplies kinds of standand shackles, eye nuts & bolts, hooks, clips, turnbuckles and hardwares. Just feel free to contact us if any interest in our products.

WeightSize WLL                                Dimensions(mm)

0.05 1/41/211.97.856.3515.532.546.74.8535.16.35
0.08  5/163/413.59.657.8519.137.3535.642.27.85
0.13 3/8116.811.29.6523.145.2636.3551.59.65
0.2  7/161-1/219.112.711.226.951.5747.8560.511.2
0.27 1/2220.61612.730.258.583.59.6568.512.7
0.57 5/83-1/426.919.11638.174.510611.28517.5
1.2 3/44-3/431.822.419.1468912612.710120.6
1.43 7/86-1/236.625.422.45310214812.711424.6
2.1 518-1/242.928.725.460.511916714.212926.9
5.281-3/813-1/257.00 16223319.117438.1
12.11-3/425735146.710622531325. 4023157
19.223582.55753.00 1222533483126361