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Panama Chock DIN81915-C(Deck Mounted)

The Panama chock is made according to German Standard DIN 81915. The Panama chock, mounted on deck or bulwark, is closed chock which is used to control the position of mooring ropes.

The material of the chock is GS-38 (material 1.0420) according to DIN1681 (cast steel).

There are only two stiffeners around the Panama chock, therefore, the SWL of the chock is less than the ISO13728 Panama chock. However, the Din81915 chocks are also commonly used around the world, especially for the vessels in Europe.

All the edges of the Panama chock must be ground smooth, especially where the rope is in contact with the chock. And it is required to be a blast and primed for the surface treatment. It is used for vessels, tug, cargo ship, military ship, industrial ships etc.Qingdao Lige as one of the most professional marine equipment manufacturers and suppliers in China, will provide you with the best quality products and good after-sale service.

DIN81915 Bulwark Mounted Chock (Type C)

SWL: 20KN to 320KN
Finishing: one layer of shop primer after sandblasting 2.5
Installation site: on the bulwark

Panama Chock DIN81915-C(Deck Mounted)